Welcome to the 4 One More - Homeschool with Moxie Forum :)

Abby Banks

Nov 13, 2019
So glad you found your way to this forum! If you're new to 4onemore.com or are already part of the tribe, welcome!

I'm Abby Banks, and even though I'm a former classroom teacher, I'm now homeschooling my 5 kids. It's my great delight to equip and encourage other homeschool families - because I'm convinced that parents make the best teachers.

My blog started a decade ago as a way to journal our international adoption journey as we were Making Room 4 One More in our family. Do you want to see the video of us meeting our sweet girl for the very first time? It’s here.

Now I blog about homeschool with moxie - the key is to embrace your journey (don’t compare yourself to others) and find your groove. I want to help you gain confidence in the stage you’re in and find the best home & school solutions for your family.

You can find regular doses of inspiration (as well as tactical action steps to implement what you're learning) at 4onemore.com and also the Homeschool with Moxie Podcast. I'd love for you to jump onto my mailing list as well, so you don't miss out on anything, including my members-only resource library.