Welcome to Grammar Galaxy!


Nov 11, 2019
I'm glad you're joining the Grammar Galaxy forum here on Homeschool Speak. It's wonderful to have an independent space to ask questions and share ideas for using Grammar Galaxy language arts curriculum.

Grammar Galaxy came about because I loved language arts and my kids didn't. I couldn't understand why we typically take the study of grammar and writing out of the context of story--the best part of language arts!

I had experience teaching my friends' kids with dyslexia and processing disorders. I had been surrounded by children's literature as my husband sells library books to schools. I decided to try writing my own curriculum.

Truth be told, I was terrified to put Grammar Galaxy out there. But the stories of kids learning to love reading, writing, and grammar have been a dream come true for me. My passion is for every student to love language arts!

If you haven't tried a free sample, you can find them here: Grammar Galaxy Samples
If you're ready to order, you can find the shop here: Grammar Galaxy shop
If you have questions, you'll likely find the answer here: Grammar Galaxy FAQ

I'm excited to get to know you better here in the forum!

Melanie Wilson

If you're a Christian homeschooler, I invite you to join me in the Homeschool Sanity Forum as well.