Want to learn more about Christian unschooling?

Julie Polanco

Julie Naturally
Jan 5, 2020


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Jan 11, 2020
Hi Julie, I actually went and checked out your post on your blog about Christian unschooling, which is basically what we've done for three years now, since the Holy Spirit told me to relax (well... several times because I was so stressed about what we were 'suppose' to be learning), right before Thanksgiving in 2016! Thankfully I listened and that Christmas season was the most joyous on record for me, but then I read about unschooling and started researching, what I found in some circles, made me go to the Holy Spirit with more questions. So finally, in March of 2017 I felt I knew Christian unschooling, later we termed, lifeschooling, though they are just terms, was for us. Both my husband and I felt- this was the way we learned who we were, so the kids would benefit. I know any style even looks different from one family to the next, and even from child to child, season to season, so it's been always changing, transitioning and maturing, but one thing that's remained the same, is Father God's reassurance to keep going and growing! We're all so very blessed, even though it isn't always easy and challenges have sometimes made my heart overwhelmed , but Jesus is so faithful to keep us in the midst of it all. I loved your 4 points about Christian unschooling, thank you, I will refer to those as a part of keeping grounded in the right mindset. God bless you and your family!

I'm not on facebook, almost ever, so do you make blog posts with attached videos to refer to after your facebook live event? Just curious, so I can catch it, if its a youtube or brighteon video. Thank you?