saving and learning


Jan 10, 2020
so far we found asking family for year memberships to the zoo and underwater world is great as christmas gifts its easy for them to all put in and its great for us we can then go as much as we want and even if we only stay 30 mins its ok as its great value this way as posed to paying entry fee $$ every single time

we have a yearly movie cinema pass gets us discounted food drinks and much cheaper tickets

home school community market day so much fun sell off unwanted un needed items from home schooling as well as kids have lil hobby like plant stall or my little one had scrunchies , pencil wraps and bags we sewed together and we scored some great items on the day and meet others

online face book market place and online garage sales we go thru rooms and areas of house and sell off items that we have grown out of or don't need any more then fill a tin with all that money when its full we do something special

find out what free events run in your community library's and schools have fun days events and fetes

doing nature learning get out doors

beach day fun collect items learn about them

we joined postcards page online to send and receive post cards around the world and use this as a learning tool
we host japanese students who come to australia we get small payment from the company that bring them here and we have made life long friends that the kids message and talk to often via social media and send parcels of goodies

cooking is a great tool for home schoolers maths science is all covered and its a great life skill with rewards at the end to eat it xxx try new wonderful things together from other countries