New to Oregon, mom of 7


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Jan 7, 2020
Hello :) we moved to Central Western Oregon in March 2019 from Northern Louisiana, though I grew up and had most of my babies in North West Washington state. I love the rain! Autumn and winter are my favorite seasons. I’m an introverted type of girl.

I’m 39 and a mom of 7. My children are ages 19, 15, 11, 9, 6, 4, & 5 months old. We are a mixed family, not all the same dad and four of my children are half Japanese (11-4 year olds). My Husband also has two children ages 11 and 10 who live in Louisiana.

I’ve also been a single mother at times and was single with 6 children for a while so I can relate to the struggles with that!

I’ve homeschooled my oldest two in the past for a few years (3-5 and k-2 grades) and we homeschooled while we were in Louisiana for one school year.

Currently my oldest is graduated my 15-6 year olds are in public school and I’m trying to do some home learning with my very energetic 4 year old. Contemplating bringing my 6 year old back to home learning as well. My ex husband prefers public school so it isn’t just my decision with the schooling. They attend an extremely small school where each grade level has about 15 children.

I don’t have Facebook but I do have Instagram as far as social media goes. But I thought this might be nice way to meet other mamas. This may be a lot of info or a long introduction :) but hello!