New Online Reading Program for Pre-k -> 3rd Grade


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Feb 12, 2021
Hi all, I started teaching with this company that is now offering a new online reading program for kiddos from Pre-K-> 3rd grade. It looks really cute and like it could be a great supplement for those little ones who are learning phonics, vocabulary, reading comprehension and more!

Enrollment for the spring semester ends March 8th, so check it out with a free trial class-

You can use this code: KARI6766 when you sign up, for $15 off your purchase!

What is Mini Mighty Reading Club?
Mini Mighty Reading Club is a small-group (3-5 students per class) phonics and reading program for US based students in kindergarten through 3rd grade. Classes are focused on enhancing reading and phonics skills through stories and group activities.

How do parents sign up?
Parents can go to the Mini Mighty Reading Club website and learn more about the product and sign up for a trial class, or directly purchase classes.