New homeschooling mom full of fear!

Brandi K.

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Mar 25, 2020
Good Afternoon,
My name is Brandi, I should start my explaining why I am here. I have a daughter named Izzy who is my world, she is the light of every brand new day im given. Also, Izzy is autistic. We have been through IEPs, EC teachers, Montessori and private Christian schools all promising more than the next. My current and last experience was the icing on the cake and the reason we entertained home school. The current school promised they would follow Izzy's IEP, help her at every turn. For the price I'm paying, they should, but they haven't. At this point, they won't. We decided to homeschool starting next year, well, given the virus, we are homeschooling NOW! My daughter is lost in a sea of pre algebra and grammar, none of which she understands. To be honest, I am not sure I am smart enough to teach her? My husband is taking on the math, given that just isn't in mom's wheel house, but everything else I can do...I think...I HOPE!
We are going into 8th grade next year. So, with Izzy's autism, am I stealing socialization from her? Am I being selfish by homeschooling? I need guidance now, more than ever. I have a mom with brain cancer living with me but a mother or grandmother, she is not. You see, I left home at 14 because of her alcoholism and now that she is sober and broke, she is mine to care for. I graduated from high school and college, but without opening that can o' worms, my first priority, is my beautiful daughter, the person who makes me smile. What I leave to the world when I go to the arms of Jesus. I want the best for her, so I need some help. I am open to any suggestions, criticisms or motivators. Okay ladies and gentlemen, I'm all yours, has anyone successfully homeschooled their 14 year old with autism and if so...HELP ME do this right, please. May God bless you all
Jan 10, 2020
Hello new homeschool momma,
It warms my heart to see how you talk about your daughter, I have four ages 9,7,5,2 who mean everything to me as well.❤ Welcome to this new adventure, while I do not have a 8th grader yet I do however have a little brother (16) and little cousin (12) who are both severely autistic and are both homeschooled. My cousin uses "Time for learning" and does very well, it's all online I'm not sure if your sweet love does well with computers and such but that is an option. My opinion about socializing would be to find a homeschool co-op in your area to join and then she would have plenty of kids to socialize with. God Bless and I look forward to chatting with you again soon