Mom of 7, multiple medical/special needs


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Dec 3, 2019
Hi friends, I am glad to see this board on special needs life & homeschooling! We can often feel alone on this extra-special journey. ;)
I have 7 children (earthside) ages 5-14 and several of them have a variety of medical/special needs ranging from mild to severe.
I have children with food allergies, asthma, IgA deficiency with fragile immune systems but otherwise typically developing ... and then I have two with global developmental delays, feeding tubes, etc.
My two with global developmental delays (including severe physical and intellectual delays) have a lot of medical conditions that require medical care and they are considered "pre-school" age developmentally (equivalent to an infant, actually). However, we do abide by our state homeschool laws that require certain standards taught, including annual assessments. It is interesting and takes creativity to meet the minimum requirements.
I shared on my blog how we homeschool our disabled daughter (now 13) and this applies to our disabled son, too (now 5). I hope it is helpful to someone else. :)