Looking for Little Hands to Heaven (and other related and Social Studies books and CDs)


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Apr 8, 2020
Hello Everyone!
I hope that all is well with you during this intersting times.
I'm looking for the following books and CDs if you have them. Thanks!

* Little Hands to Heaven by Carrie Austin (Heart of Dakota)
* New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes
* Big Thoughts for Little People by Ken Taylor
* My ABC Bible Verses
* The Singing Bible CD by Richard & Elaine Osborne
* Better Chinese "My First Chinese Words" (and really any number of items
for beginners from Better Chinese) - I know this one's a long shot
* Canada is for Kids CDs (any of the volumes, really)
* How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World
* Bobbie Kalman early social studies books - there are too many to list,
but basically cover the basic early social studies topics - healthy eating,
community, etc.
* What Do I Want, What Do I Need? by Rachel Eagen


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Nov 18, 2019
Did you know that HubbardsCupboard.org has a curriculum that's almost EXACTLY like LHTH but it's free? Check out the 3's curriculum!! We've used it for all our kids and I love, love, love it!! I actually got hold of LHTH at one point and, I don't remember in what order, but at some point I realized that it was almost exactly like the HC stuff. Take a look!