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Nov 16, 2019
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History in the Air Coloring Book:
Introduce kids to 32 planes that made history with this fun coloring book. They’ll learn about early airplanes, aircraft used in World War I and II, modern airplanes that are setting records, and more. The History in the Air Coloring Book includes traceable copywork on every page. It’s a great way to work some handwriting and history into your day. 36 pages total. Two levels are available, Levels B and C. Get History in the Air Coloring Book here.

Colonial Trades Terminology & Copywork: Help students learn about the terminology of early trades in colonial America with this copywork. Students copy 30 keywords and their definitions. Each copywork page also includes a border with geometric patterns that students can color and use to design patterns if they wish. Keywords covered are apothecary, apprentice, barrowman, blacksmith, bookbinder, brickmaker, cabinetmaker, chandler, compositor, cooper, coppersmith, cordwainer, cutler, farrier, gunsmith, harnessmaker, hornsmith, journeyman, miller, milliner, peruker, sailmaker, seamstress, silversmith, stonemason, tailor, town crier, wainwright, weaver, and wheelwright. Thirty-six pages total. Available in print and cursive handwriting versions. Get Colonial Trades Terminology & Copywork here.