Let's Talk About Integrating Art into Your Curriculum

Penny Mayes

Dec 5, 2019
When I homeschooled my own kids, I always found it so difficult to integrate art into our unit studies. There was always so much to do with our core subjects, art just seemed to fall by the wayside. As an art teacher, I can't tell you how much that bothered me! So I decided to do something about it!

Integrating art into history studies is what we do at Take Time for Art. We tell the story of history through art history. Then based on the art history our students see, we make hands-on art projects. And we do all of this through streaming video. That means when we go to Pompeii in our streaming videos and study the history of the destruction of Pompeii, we also look at the wonderful art of the uncovered city. I really believe in giving children plenty of visuals to help them "see" a period of history. This includes some beautiful mosaics. Then we make a mosaic using glass tiles on a terracotta tile (all included in our art materials pack).

Are we a history curriculum? No, we want to come alongside your history curriculum and provide you with the visuals, art history, and hands-on projects to make the history come alive for your student. We teach from a Christian worldview, make it easy for homeschool moms (very little prep), and we make it fun!

How do you integrate art into your homeschool day and what frustrates you?