History and Science


Jan 9, 2020
I am required by law to teach my 8 yr old * functions more like a 6 yr old * on the spectrum about History and Science. One requires a lot of language and the other a lot of sensory involvement. I keep buying different materials to try to reach her with these two subjects but without any real connection. I can stick it in front of her and have her do a worksheet but that's not enough in my book. She is doing so well in every other area reading , writing, math etc. I am an experienced parent with 8 children 5 of them on the spectrum, I've been homeschooling for 16 years and even I am struggling with this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Nov 12, 2019
Have you tried Mystery Science? We used it last year and really enjoyed it. Each lesson has an engaging video lesson, an activity or experiment, and worksheets. The units have a suggested age range, but you could always use a lower age range if you need to. The units can also be done in any order. That allowed us to pick units based on the season or what the kids were learning about in other subjects.

Mystery Science offers the first year's membership for free and most of the lessons are included in the free version. I also liked that most of the experiments included everyday household items, so I rarely had to buy much.

Aunt Kim

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Jan 6, 2020
Would video lessons help? One of ours (our only one on the spectrum so far) would watch a video and somehow memorize almost the entire script. Then after "chewing on it" mentally for a day or two, would recite huge portions of it. After a little more "mental chewing," the information from the video would be combined with other information, and it was amazing the insights that would appear (usually while we were in the car and not discussing the subject)!

I have absolutely no idea *how* that worked, videos don't work for me at all for long-term information-gathering, but it worked amazingly well for our child!

Hess Un-Academy

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Jan 3, 2020
Eagle Mountain, Utah
Yes, I second videos. They're fun and simple and easy to implement. Or if you're ok with computer games, I've got a whole post on turning Age of Empires into a full on history curriculum here. https://hessunacademy.com/homeschool-history-curriculum/ I don't know if a computer game would be good for him or not.