Hi there from Lake County, Illinois.

Rebecca Christian

New member
Feb 12, 2020
Stay at home mom in lake county IL, homeschooling in my second year now - age 6 and 4 (1st grade boy and pre k girl) and we have a little one year old running around in the mix, talk about multi tasking, homeschooling with an on the move toddler is no joke! So fun to fine this website! I never thought I would home school but we couldn't afford the good schools in the area and the school district we are in is one of the worst ranked so .. here we are, started homeschool to save money we didn't have lol. slowing figuring it out and falling more in love with it here and there, but it's so counter cultural around us where we live and I feel like it totally separates us and makes us such weirdos to others lol.


Jan 27, 2020
I am fairly certain there are support groups in your area. If you need help finding one, call the ICHE office (iche.org).