Help with Spanish options!!


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Nov 7, 2019
I posted this in the Foreign Language forum, but thought I'd post here too.

What do y'all use for high school Spanish? We have tried a couple of courses and have not been happy with them. The current one we are using seriously makes me want to cry whenever I pull it out. I'm debating on having my son just forget about it this year and revisit Spanish next year (he's a freshman so we still have time to get in 2 years of FL).

Especially looking for something doesn't require a whole lot of prep or involvement on my part.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreicated.

Imago Dei Academy

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Jan 6, 2020
We just started Flip Flop Spanish. A seasoned homeschooler who has graduated several kids and still has several at home recommended it to me. She said she has tried every Spanish curriculum out there, and this is the only one they’ve loved. We’ve only done one lesson so far and it was very easy. I was worried it might be too easy and that it wouldn’t be conversational, but she assured me that it is. We’ll see! 😊