Hello from Southwestern PA


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Mar 18, 2020
Hi my name is Ginger and I have a pre-k soon to be kindergartner. I'm a newbie at homeschooling and I look forward to everyone's experiences/advice..
P.s. I have no idea where to start


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Jan 6, 2020
Hi, Ginger, I'm Mandy. Congratulations on the homeschooling! It really is amazing! I know every state is different, but I started by reading some of the blogs on homeschooling. Actually, most of the members are on here! I tried to set up a mini school in my house, but that didn't work for us. Reading the blogs helped me realize that. My kiddo is more hands on, so we made a lot of crafts, used fun math manipulatives (like old buttons lying around, skittles, m&m's), and lots of story time. I think the story time is so important, because it gives them a desire to read. You can find fun songs on the internet that teaches phonics sounds. We had a CD from Sing, Spell, Read, and Write. There are more than that, though. Literally, you can do it with You Tube songs and videos on any subject. The are oodles of free printables for handwriting, and they are so cute! Creative Galaxy on Amazon is a cute little show for art ideas. PBS kids has awesome games. Also, Primary Games and ABCya are excellent and free game sites. I set up a treasure chest (and still do) that has Dollar Tree prizes. After school, he picks a treat from the chest. Also -- there are some really fun days that you can find on the internet. For example -- we learned that September 19th is International Talk like a pirate day. We talk like a pirate all day, have pirate themed worksheets, and a treasure hunt outside! The most important thing is -- relax and enjoy the ride! Have fun, and good luck!