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Nov 12, 2019
Hi everyone! I'm Amy.

Mom to eight cyclones, I'd say my superpower is entropy extermination. Okay, maybe not extermination, because that's too permanent. I battle entropy on a daily basis, haha! I'm a naturally organized person, and I love routines and schedules and budgeting and numbers and accounting. And I'm a total introvert!

I never thought I'd homeschool -- that was for weirdos. And yet here I am. My oldest was born in October, missing the kindergarten deadline by a few weeks. All of her little friends in the neighborhood boarded the bus while she watched and cried. I told her we'd have school at home in order to assuage her grief.

We still didn't consider ourselves homeschoolers that year, because I assumed she'd attend the next year. But kindergarten enrollment rolled around and we'd had so much fun with our little school (plus she was so far ahead of grade level) we wanted to continue. I always left the option to attend school open, (my other kids joined us at intervals) but we all loved homeschooling so much that nobody ever chose to attend school.

And here we are 18 years later! My oldest three are attending university on full scholarships, and I just have five at home -- all still homeschooling. Well, my 16-year-old is taking classes at our local university in addition to homeschooling, but all my older children have done that and I still consider them homeschooled.

Homeschooling is really just such a wonderful way of life and I can't imagine doing anything else! My undergrad degree is in mechanical engineering, and as a teen I dreamed of earning a graduate degree in Biomedical engineering and working for NASA, but I can honestly say that I wouldn't change a thing about my life. Homeschooling has given me a second chance at educating myself, so I love it for me as well as for my children.

We have a small farm (dairy cows, chickens and orchards) in Northern Utah. Music is a huge part of our homeschool -- each of us plays several instruments and we spend a lot of time at orchestra each week. We also love to travel and love that homeschooling makes traveling several months out of each year possible.

Math is my specialty. I love science, too, but I love math even more! And that's everything you ever wanted to know about me! I'm so glad to get to know you all!