Jan 7, 2020
I will sign with my real name, Sharon, in case anyone is confused. ;)

I was a live-in nanny, a school activities director, a live-out many, and finally preschool teacher before I finally came home to teach and raise my own children. I remember telling my the man who wanted to begin courting me that he needed to be willing to consider homeschooling or I wasn't the right lady for him. The work I did teaching in institutional and non institutional settings convinced me to homeschool long before I had my own kids.

Well, that man was stunned for a moment, but agreed to consider this thing called homeschooling if I was in the package. :D

We were married in the fall of 1989. Our first child came in the fall of 1992. We began formally homeschooling in January 1997. God blessed us with opportunities to tutor other children beyond our five living children. We were also blessed with a different learning/teaching challenges from the autism spectrum to dyscalculia. We are now only homeschooling one student, though. He is our youngest child; He is sixteen years old.

Through the years, we have used many different methods and many different curricula as needed for our very different children. I'm still learning, though. That's how God works; He constantly teaches us new things when we are willing to yield to the instruction. I'm eager to learn from this group as I get to know you, too!

In His Grip,
Sharon :)