Free 5 minute brain stimulating pattern matching puzzle game for 1-7 players!

Rusty Lumpkin

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Aug 31, 2021
Free Game!!!! (Looking for feedback!)
I am a high school science teacher and I made a game that I wanted to share with you all for free! I would love to hear your thoughts!

1-7 players; Ages: 8+; Time: 5minutes (Note: my 5yr old daughter loves playing this game at her own pace)
image 1.jpg
Camouflage is a pattern matching, speed game with multiple gameplay modes of scoring! We believe it to be very beneficial for the mind, and we would love to hear the thoughts and input from educators and parents from all over! Recently, some local Indiana elementary teachers, including a Special Education Teacher, tried Camouflage in their classrooms where it was received with love from the students and had great success!
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I have found that people of all ages, including adults, truly enjoy this game. I hope to see families enjoying it in their homes together as well as educators using it in their classrooms as another tool for fun learning.
Camouflage also includes a solo play puzzle mode! (The puzzle difficulties are not yet rated!)

Here is the link to the game files that you can print at home if you would like!
Camouflage PNP file. (side note: I designed the game to be completely color blind friendly!-It can therefore be printed and played in black and white if needed, however it will lose a lot of its beauty that way)

Feel free to follow along/give input on the up-coming Kickstarter page
Cant Wait to hear your thoughts!
Thanks so much!

Rusty Lumpkin