Field Trips for High School


Nov 12, 2019
South Carolina
Field trips were easy when I had little people. They're happy to do anything! But now that I have high school kids, it's different. For some reason, they just aren't happy simply going to the fire station anymore. ;):)

So, help a mom out. What are some ideas for field trips that high schoolers might find useful and enjoy?


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Nov 7, 2019
That's a great question! I'm interested as well! I have two high schoolers and I've kind of forgotten that you can actually still take them on field trips!! :p I have littles too, so my mindset is what the littles would like - like you said, it's easy to think of and please the littles with trips.


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Nov 18, 2019
We have several state parks nearby and we've gone there for science classes. We have a Space-X nearby and have done that. History and Art museums. The BANK, y'all. The grocery store for some serious meal planning and grocery budget study. And honestly they will probably do a tour-type trip if you want; my husband has done tours for groups both in the bakery/deli department and in the produce department at the grocery store where he works. The newspaper office, tv station, and radio stations are fun with big kids.

The water works department of your local city. Is the sewage sanitation place separate where you live or is it all under the same department? City government. STATE government, if you live somewhere that it's nearby.

ANYWHERE that the kids think they want to work will make a great field trip.


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Nov 14, 2019
I think field trip opportunities are more abundant now that my kids are teens. We love history and art museums, too. Any kind of "old timey" opportunities are fun - we have an old settlement nearby that opens up for demonstrations and field trips. Some things I have planned this year with my homeschool co-op teens are:
Automotive place to learn about tire and oil changing
Practice using public transportation
Orienteering at a park (using map skills)
Shelter building and fire starting (not really a field trip per se, but we're doing this at a nature reserve)

FInd out interests and go from there. Some friends set up a trip to see a welder work (one of the kids wanted to enroll in the welding program at the local college)

I'll list more later if I remember any!

Sally Matheny

Jan 6, 2020
I agree with everything that's been said. The only "new" thing I'd like to add is to also consider gathering some homeschool parent-friends and discuss places to go as a group. Think about it. This is your golden opportunity to go visit a place or talk with an expert that may typically only cater to groups. Where would you like to see behind-the-scenes? Who would you like to hear speak about a specific topic? Consider organizing a Junior Historian Club or becoming a 4-H Leader. The kids' interests are important, but also consider where YOU, the parent would like to visit! Your interests may very well spark new interests in your kids. And vice versa. :)