Did your kids set any New Year's resolutions?

Hess Un-Academy

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Jan 3, 2020
Eagle Mountain, Utah
Did your kids set any New Year's resolutions?

In our family, we tend to set new goals often. Little goals get set regularly and bigger goals are usually set (and then reevaluated) once a quarter or so. And as you know, the first of the year also starts a new quarter so of course, we had our quarterly goal-setting discussion last weekend.

Each of my older kids has a new goal or personal project they want to work on over the next few months. My oldest wants to grow and develop his coding skills. My first daughter wants to study horses and get better at horse archery and my second daughter wants to learn to play the piano with a goal of playing a particular son by the end of the quarter. I am excited to work on these goals with the kids.

My second son has a goal of being more physical (and thus healthier) and so my husband and I plan on starting a regular exercise routine that we can work on with him. We've actually been wanted to work on being more physically active for a while now but we just keep putting it off. Now that our son wants to be more physically active too, maybe this will be the kick in the pants we need to actually get going! ;)

So anyways, on that note, I put together an epic list of ideas to get kids moving! This is a great list for this time of year as lots of people have set new physical health-related goals. But this list can really be referenced all year long! I'll drop the link here so you and your kids can check it out. Let me know what activities you've tried! And I'll let you know how my son's goal goes ;)

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