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  • I am brand new to homeschooling and I need directions on how to start, what curriculum to buy...

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Nov 11, 2019
Hey, welcome to They Call Me Blessed, an amazing sisterhood where we help moms go from stressed to blessed!

I'm really glad you're here. Here is how to plug into this community in 3 steps. :)

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2 - Grab a cup of coffee or tea and let's have a chat!

First of all, I'm Ana Willis, the founder of They Call Me Blessed, Hebrew for Homeschoolers, and The Homeschool Sisterhood.

I'm a cancer survivor, former full-time pastor, passionate about serving Jesus, mentoring moms, teaching Hebrew, traveling, and all things beautiful.

I've been married to Ryan for almost 13 years, who proposed to me in 5 days without dating! Can you believe that? We were married just 3 months later and we had two weddings (one in Israel where we lived and one in the USA where my family lives). Lucky me! ;)


Ryan and I have 3 kids: Ben, Hadassah, and Ariella. Two born in Israel and one born here in Canada, our home. We've been homeschooling for 7 years.

Did I mention, we live in an RV full-time? Yep! This is our latest adventure and we are loving it!!
You can follow our roadschooling adventures on Instagram.

Now, tell me a bit about you.

- As a homeschool mom, what is your greatest struggle?


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Jan 7, 2020
Greatest struggle would be:
Feeling like I’m doing enough. Am I making all the correct choices. And... this is our first official year HS, kindergarten. Everyone I meet has an opinion about HS. They all become education experts! 😏 There is absolutely no one more committed or who wants the best for my kiddos than myself and their father. Unfortunately almost everyone in our family has a backwards opinion. And it’s mostly an uneducated assumption! 😖 Drives me batty! But I keep focusing on the task at hand. I know God has called me to this. And He will deliver us through it! We just have to keep our eyes focused on Him.