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  1. Aunt Kim

    Homeschool Co-op?

    Is anyone a member of a homeschool co-op? I'd love to hear your experiences (and advice)!
  2. Aunt Kim

    Site full of freebies!! has lots of freebies to choose from. We have found some real family favorites going through their posts.
  3. Aunt Kim

    Hi from SC!!

    Anybody else here?
  4. Aunt Kim

    Tapestry of Grace, anyone?

    We used TOG for several years with our older children, then stopped. Now I'm wanting to get back into using it with our younger children. Is anybody else using it? Got any tips on re-starting? Want to go at it together?
  5. Aunt Kim

    Hello from SC!

    Hi everybody! I'm Kim from SC. We live in Columbia, where it's "Famously Hot!" (Yes, that was the city's official tagline!) We are pretty eclectic as to our methods of teaching/learning. This is our 17th year homeschooling, and every year we do things differently. This year, we're involved in...