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  1. deliberatemom

    Child refuses to be taught

    Well friends, I've run into an interesting struggle with my oldest daughter (she just turned 12). She refuses to be taught. She feels like she knows everything and if I show her how to do something (i.e. a math equation or the proper spelling for a word) she gets mad at me and most of the time...
  2. deliberatemom

    Hi! Do you have science experiments on your kitchen counters too?!

    Hi there! My name is Jennifer Bly and I'm the homeschooling mama of two girls (ages 8 and 12). I was born, raised, and currently live in Central Alberta, Canada. I've been homeschooling for seven years and I adore it! We stumbled into homeschooling quite by accident and out of necessity. My...
  3. deliberatemom


    Where are my fellow Alberta homeschoolers?! 😊
  4. deliberatemom

    Can you recommend a good children's Bible to study regularly?

    We have read a couple Bibles over the past 7 years. I feel like we need something new. We've been using the Jesus Story Book Bible and The Story Illustrated version. Do you have a children's Bible that you and your children enjoy?
  5. deliberatemom

    What are your homeschool plans for 2020?!

    A new year often brings resolutions. Every year, I try to set at least one major goal for our homeschool. I was recently speaking with a group of homeschool friends, and they had a united desire to plan and document their homeschool journey better. If you want to improve your homeschool...
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    Welcome to The Deliberate Mom Forum

    Welcome! I'm delighted you found your way to The Deliberate Mom forum! Whether you're new to or you're already part of our supportive tribe... welcome! I'm Jennifer Bly the creator of The Deliberate Mom. I'm a former early childhood educator but have spent the last 7 years...