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  1. Aunt Kim

    Homeschool Co-op?

    Is anyone a member of a homeschool co-op? I'd love to hear your experiences (and advice)!
  2. Aunt Kim

    What are you favorite homeschool supplies?

    Probably my most valuable supplies are (1) good scissors and (2) TAPE. Lots and lots of tape. All kinds of tape. We cut and tape SO MUCH around here, and you need the right kind of tape for the job. Some things require masking tape, some need packing, some need scotch, some need painter's, some...
  3. Aunt Kim

    What is your go to meal?

    Usually chili, vegetable beef soup, or spaghetti. I try to keep the ingredients on hand for any of those three.
  4. Aunt Kim

    Laser vs ecotank help!

    If the print quality is the same, I suppose it would depend on how much print speed and paper weight/cost matters to you. I don't usually have to have 150 pages printed in the next 10 minutes, so if it takes a little more time it doesn't bother me for significant financial savings. Other people...
  5. Aunt Kim

    Hi from SC!!

    We're in Columbia. But we LOVE Charleston!!! That's where hubby and I met!!
  6. Aunt Kim

    Paying for college!!!

    If you are a member of a state homeschool organization (I don't know what state you live in, so I don't know what's available where you are), there is probably someone there who knows all about them. The director of the homeschool association I'm in (it's our "legal cover group") was able to...
  7. Aunt Kim

    Book Report

    That sounds fantastic!! Some "non-book-reports" we've done are: create a scene from the book out of Lego/Playmobil write a poem about a character or event (one of mine LOVES to write poems) tell a younger sibling the main storyline of the book (great at nap time) make a book cover like the...
  8. Aunt Kim

    Site full of freebies!! has lots of freebies to choose from. We have found some real family favorites going through their posts.
  9. Aunt Kim

    Hi from SC!!

    Anybody else here?
  10. Aunt Kim

    Homeschool mama of 6 (2 GRADUATED and 4 left to go!)

    We have two graduated, too!! Ours still homeschooling are in 10th, 4th and 2nd. Yay for lots of kids!!
  11. Aunt Kim

    Homeschool mama of 4

    This is our 18th year too! We have two who have graduated from college, and 15, 9, and 8 year olds still homeschooling. So good to see another "professional homeschooler!"
  12. Aunt Kim

    Hi y'all, from Texas

    Sonlight has a pretty generous return policy. You might can get your money back if it's not for you. Contact them and see - the worst thing that could happen is they'd say "no" and you'd be stuck with a bunch of books you can sell on eBay.
  13. Aunt Kim

    Tapestry of Grace, anyone?

    We ended up going back to Sonlight for this year. Tapestry turned out to not be a good fit for us right now (yay pandemic shutting down the library and co-ops and everything else in the world).
  14. Aunt Kim

    Science curriculum help,,,,

    Friendly Chemistry and Friendly Biology don't seem to be too math-heavy for high school. My 9th grader is finishing up Friendly Chemistry this week, and it hasn't been bad at all, math-wise. (She's also taking Algebra I this year, if that helps) Applied Physics is designed to be low-math also...
  15. Aunt Kim

    Lots of free history resources!

    So many great resources! Thank you!
  16. Aunt Kim

    Kids Ages

    We had our first two 16 months apart, then another 6 years later, then 6 years after that we had two more, 21 months apart. It's been crazy, but I've never had more than 3 that were "official school age" at a time - one year we had one in college, high school, middle school, elementary school...
  17. Aunt Kim

    History and Science

    Would video lessons help? One of ours (our only one on the spectrum so far) would watch a video and somehow memorize almost the entire script. Then after "chewing on it" mentally for a day or two, would recite huge portions of it. After a little more "mental chewing," the information from the...
  18. Aunt Kim

    High School Science

    TOPScience has lots of options for high school. They're lots of fun!
  19. Aunt Kim

    Tapestry of Grace, anyone?

    We used TOG for several years with our older children, then stopped. Now I'm wanting to get back into using it with our younger children. Is anybody else using it? Got any tips on re-starting? Want to go at it together?