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    What's your homeschooling style?

    Probably! The ONLY thing I stick with from week to week is math!
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    What's your homeschooling style?

    I love it! Yours is really similar to mine! Dabblers rock!
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    What's your homeschooling style?

    I think most homeschoolers are just plain eclectic, because in choosing homeschooling we've shown that we think outside the box. But homeschools still vary greatly based on what we value in the different methods. I call myself a relaxed eclectic homeschooler in general, but specifically I...
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    Check out this fun history curriculum hack!

    I'm so excited about this! Thanks, Charlene!
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    I think I am failing my Kindergartener

    That's great to hear! Send me your email, and I'll email you the files. These posts include directions to lots of math games on his level that you can play with things you have around the house or the included free printables: Free Printable Place Value Chart & Games FREE Printable Ten Frame...
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    Shopping for pans

    2-dozen eggs at a time is our standard. I love, love, love my Calphalon 5-quart sautee pan for scrambled eggs, and pretty much everything else. I've used it daily for probably 20 years and it's still as perfect as the day I bought it. It's 100% nonstick, but it's not a paint-on nonstick that...
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    In need of support...

    I've been through this and it's so hard! I'm sorry! First, I sit my daughters down and explain to them the biological aspect -- the hormones -- behind the mood swings. I want them to know that they aren't crazy for feeling crazy; that it's completely natural and normal. I explain to them that I...
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    Life Experience

    Yes! Life experience is so important! Homeschooling is the perfect way to involve our kiddos in daily life skills, like cooking and cleaning, personal finance and more. We have a farm, too, and our kids help with it all.
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    February Blues

    February is the doldrums! I need sunshine to get through it, so we always head south, Arizona or New Mexico, for awhile. I keep thinking about Mexico, though. We need a Spanish experience!
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    Share your favorite math curriculum!

    We are big Saxon fans over here, but I gamify it a lot in the younger grades. And I supplement the Calculus course to adequately prep my kiddos for the AP Calc test.
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    Hi from France!

    Hi Bekah! I can't wait to hear more! Your living situation is so unique!
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    what do you use for phonics?

    I've used Explode the Code and made-up games, plus lots of phonetic readers with all of my kids.
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    Hello! In my last chapter of homeschooling...

    Congratulations on that awesome success! I turn my high schoolers (mostly) over to outside teachers (usually at the local university)! I figure they've had enough of me (and I've usually had enough of them -- though I love them dearly regardless of their shenanigans) and we're both happier with...
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    How do you clear out your bookshelves?

    Lol! And those books -- the ones with broken bindings and missing pages -- must be replaced because they are obviously well-loved favorites!
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    Child refuses to be taught

    That's tough! I'm sorry! It will be different from child to child, of course, but when my kids are "prickly" the best thing I can do is love them extra hard. One of my older sons was like this around age 12 and in retrospect I can see that it was because he was struggling with feeling loved and...
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    How do you clear out your bookshelves?

    You don't. Marie Kondo be danged, no way am I only keeping 35 books or whatever she says! Just kidding! I do get rid of any books I don't consider classics. My definition of a classic is a book I can read multiple times and learn from each time. I want my kids to grow up surrounded by wonderful...
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    I think I am failing my Kindergartener

    No, don't start over! And don't panic! He may just not be understanding the concept of Place Value. I'd play lots and lots of number games with him. There is something about the competition and fun of games that inspires kids to make sense of whatever they need to, including numbers. Worksheets...
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    Kindergarten math curriculum help

    Isn't that the BEST feeling in the whole world (hen kids don't want to quit learning)?!
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    Been There, Done That

    Hear, hear! That's one of my favorite things about homeschooling, too!
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    Literature Based

    I usually make up my own literature-based studies. We always study history using literature. Right now we're studying Modern European history, and LOVING all of the literature we've found!