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    Amazing U.S. Geography Deal

    Hi, everyone! I had to tell you about the geography curriculum that we found. It's called The Nifty Fifty from Stephanie at the multitasking mom. It's a 700 page resource of the states, and this week it's less than five dollars. You download and print it, but it's so worth it. Plus, there's...
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    Spelling Bee

    Hi, all! Does anyone in the community have any information about spelling bees for homeschoolers? Thanks!
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    Life Experience

    So, does anyone have anything to share in the subject of "Life Experience?" My son worked on the farm with my husband on Monday while I went to get to get taxes done. He is learning some amazing things from his Dad. For example, he now knows not to bend over in front of the goat pen, because...
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    Hello from Georgia!

    Hi! I homeschool my son, who is in third grade, and we love it! We live on a mini farm in the mountains, and are an extremely blessed family. I would love to hear from anyone who is homeschooling an only child. We are praying for more children, whether it be by birth or adoption. I try to...