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  1. momschool

    What are you favorite homeschool supplies?

    What are your favorite homeschool supplies? Include things that are NOT books but stuff you use all the time or that you felt was a great investment. I love my electric Pencil sharpener A coil Binding machine has been the best purchase ever! I researched for a long time and made a document with...
  2. momschool

    Laser vs ecotank help!

    I need to make a decision and need some advice! Currently I have a laser color printer but it needs new drums and with my printing record I will replace them every 1.7-2 years, they cost about 3/4th what the printer itself did. i LOVE my printer for the most part, it prints images clearly and...
  3. momschool

    Homeschooling on a tight budget

    I am always looking for ideas on how to homeschool on a tight budget! I find its easy when the kids are young but starting about 6th-8th grade it starts getting harder. What are you best tips for keeping the cost down? If you had almost no money how would you homeschool?
  4. momschool


    HI! I am Shantel I am homeschooling 5 kids (1 is a toddler) and live in the four corners area! I do an eclectic mix of homeschool, though this year I would say we are leaning towards a bit more traditional style. I love to sew, bake, and to hike with my family. We didn't participate in any...