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  1. EightGreatKids

    What's your homeschooling style?

    I think most homeschoolers are just plain eclectic, because in choosing homeschooling we've shown that we think outside the box. But homeschools still vary greatly based on what we value in the different methods. I call myself a relaxed eclectic homeschooler in general, but specifically I...
  2. EightGreatKids

    Happy to meet you!

    Hi everyone! I'm Amy. Mom to eight cyclones, I'd say my superpower is entropy extermination. Okay, maybe not extermination, because that's too permanent. I battle entropy on a daily basis, haha! I'm a naturally organized person, and I love routines and schedules and budgeting and numbers and...
  3. EightGreatKids

    Welcome to the Orison Orchards Forum!

    Welcome, friends! Whether you are new to Orison Orchards or a long-time reader, I'm so glad you found your way here! You might be wondering about the name "Orison Orchards". I don't blame you! Orison Orchards is the name of our families farm and orchards. Orison means prayer. I'll be...
  4. EightGreatKids

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    Do you want FREE high quality homeschool resources every month? Besides coming here, the next best way to stay up to date and get all the freebies offered by Orison Orchards is to sign up for our weekly newsletter. We'll also share our latest posts, homeschool tips, fun ideas, free printables...