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    saving and learning

    so far we found asking family for year memberships to the zoo and underwater world is great as christmas gifts its easy for them to all put in and its great for us we can then go as much as we want and even if we only stay 30 mins its ok as its great value this way as posed to paying entry fee...
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    How do you keep records?

    i am documenting and keeping track of what we are learning and doing via a face book page i set up for my son adventuresofzebadia and instagram as well as i will keep a few items made or done but we are taking atm more an unschooled schooling approach so the face book page helps me keep it all...
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    2e kiddo

    hi there my youngest is add and gifted we thought it was autism as he presented like his two middle siblings with autism but they said no add and super high iq he is only 5 and we have decided to stay un medicated for time being as he has celiac disease and is dairy lactose free he keeps us on...
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    Music lessons

    i have just signed my son up for violin lessons with a lady who teachers a few home school children we will be weekly for 30 mins on a friday much time thru the term starting in february
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    Welcome to Homeschool Speak

    hi im so excited to meet and connect with other home school family around the world
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    hi from Australia

    Hi everyone I'm new to home schooling this year 2020 is our offical first year of being a registered home schooler he was too young last year so we did kindy home school played went on a lot of outings and a co op once a week my little one has gifted iq and i have to still register with...
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    hi im a mum in Australia Home schooling my youngest who is 5 and has a gifted IQ he loves...

    hi im a mum in Australia Home schooling my youngest who is 5 and has a gifted IQ he loves gaming and challenging everything and learning all sorts of crazy and wonderful things his way he has three older siblings all in high school two have autism