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  1. Sarah-MJFL

    Paying for college!!!

    HELP! I thought I had more time to plan and research this. My son was planning on going to community college this fall but now he has his heart set on a 4 year university. I need help finding money to help pay for this - scholarships, financial aid, grants, etc. I'm completely clueless here as...
  2. Sarah-MJFL

    Looking for history book recommendations

    Looking for some good reads on our founding fathers (U.S.) for upper elementary ages and up.
  3. Sarah-MJFL

    What's your new 'normal'? Check in!!

    How is everyone faring under the circumstances? How has this global pandemic effected your family, if at all? How are you holding up emotionally and spiritually? Is there anything you are struggling with? Prayer requests? Do you have any tips for managing during these times?
  4. Sarah-MJFL

    How to Homeschool Summit - FREE through 3/24

    Getting started on the homeschooling journey can be a stressful experience for anyone....and your veteran homeschooling mothers can tell you stories of their own experiences with learning how to homeschool. But, some experts in the homeschool blogging world want to help out during this difficult...
  5. Sarah-MJFL

    All About Reading GIVEAWAY - ends 3/15/20 - $157 value

    Enter to win an All About Reading set of the level of your choice, + an interactive kit, if needed. This is a $157 value! Giveaway runs through 3/15/20 Enter here -
  6. Sarah-MJFL

    A Year of Victorious Rest eBook - FREE through 3/23/20

    A Year of Victorious Rest will help you direct your focus on Jesus. This eBook will help you train yourself and create habits to always focus on Jesus no matter your situation because in Jesus is where we will truly find rest. Find it at the end of this post -...
  7. Sarah-MJFL

    Deschooling for Homeschooling Parents eCourse GIVEAWAY - ends 3/8/20 - $77 value

    Enter to win Deschooling for Homeschooling Parents eCourse!! Valued at $77! 3 people will win! This course walks any and all homeschooling parents through the deschooling process for themselves (and can be used to deschool children). Enter at the end of this post -...
  8. Sarah-MJFL

    Homeschool Your Way Planning Pack - FREE through 3/22/20 - $7 value

    To help you create your own unique homeschooling system, try the Homeschool Your Way Planning Pack. This resource gives you all of the templates you’ll need to create a homeschooling system unique to your family. Scroll to the end of this post to get it -...
  9. Sarah-MJFL

    HELP! for the Homeschool Mom

    The HELP! for the Homeschool Mom 2.0 blog series will take place all during the month of March 2020 at My Joy-Filled Life. The goal is to provide homeschool moms with practical and encouraging tips, wisdom, and advice to equip, bless, and refresh you to live your best homeschool life. I’m so...
  10. Sarah-MJFL

    FREEBIE Friday! Get over $100 of free homeschool goodies!

    TODAY IS FREEBIE FRIDAY! What is FREEBIE FRIDAY? Once a month, I send out an email to my newsletter subscribers containing some great paid homeschool products (valued at $5 or more), but you can get them for FREE (for a very limited time from 2/21 - 2/23). But you have to be on my email list...
  11. Sarah-MJFL

    God’s Love Valentine Craft

    This adorable elephant Valentine's Day craft is easy to make and is a great reminder of just how much God loves us. Learn how to make it here.
  12. Sarah-MJFL

    What does your work day look like?

    On days when you work, what does your day look like between working AND homeschooling? How do you schedule everything out?
  13. Sarah-MJFL

    How do you clear out your bookshelves?

    When getting rid of books, what criteria does the book have to meet in order to stay on the shelf? I'm going through my bookshelf (my books, not homeschool books 😉) and I'm having a hard time deciding what stays and what goes. Some of the books I've had for years and have never even read. 😕
  14. Sarah-MJFL

    Options other than Duolingo & Rosetta Stone

    I'm looking for foreign language curriculum options for a 12 year old other than Duolingo and Rosetta Stone. Bonus points if they offer German!!
  15. Sarah-MJFL

    It's FREEBIE Friday - over $70 in homeschool freebies!

    TODAY IS FREEBIE FRIDAY! What is FREEBIE FRIDAY? On the third Friday of each month, I send out an email to my newsletter subscribers containing some great paid homeschool products (valued at $5 or more), but you can get them for FREE (for a very limited time from 1/24 - 1/26). But you have...
  16. Sarah-MJFL

    Pencil sharpener recommendations

    I've been taking our pencil sharpener for granted!! Ours is out of commission and it is causing great frustration. 😫 I need some recommend on a new one please!
  17. Sarah-MJFL

    What's your biggest struggle?

    What is the biggest struggle you currently face as a homeschool mom?
  18. Sarah-MJFL

    Early elementary history that is mostly reading?

    As we get back into the swing of things with homeschooling I'm reevaluating and as always, history for my littles takes a back seat. Is there anything out there for roughly grades 1-4 that is mainly just reading aloud? While I'd love to do projects and lap books and all that jazz with them, in...
  19. Sarah-MJFL

    Help with Spanish options!!

    I posted this in the Foreign Language forum, but thought I'd post here too. What do y'all use for high school Spanish? We have tried a couple of courses and have not been happy with them. The current one we are using seriously makes me want to cry whenever I pull it out. I'm debating on...
  20. Sarah-MJFL

    Brand New Monthly Scripture Copywork Format!

    The monthly scripture copywork calendars are now EDITABLE, making them super FLEXIBLE to fit your family's needs!! Now YOU can pick what character quality you'd like to do each month! The Monthly Scripture Character Copywork eBook includes 36 editable monthly calendars and 122 blank copywork...