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    June Plans

    Do you homeschool in June? Whether you do or don’t, what’s your favorite part of June?
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    Convention Changes

    With so many conventions rescheduling, cancelling, or moving online, how has this impacted your planning for next year?
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    Favorite Science

    What science topic is your kids’ favorite to study?
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    COVID-19 and Quarantine Prayer Requests

    If you have a prayer request during this unique time, or if you would like us to hold a loved one in the medical or other essential field up in this time, please let us know.
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    Favorite Things

    What is your favorite thing about where your homeschool and family is at right now?
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    February Blues

    February is such a hard month to stay focused. The holidays are over, and there's not a lot to get excited about in February. What are some ways your family gets through the February blues?
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    Forgotten Gems

    What's the best homeschool field trip you've ever taken to a place that most people would not be familiar with? I've been amazed how many places that are just off the beaten path that are a wealth of information and fun!
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    Too Many Cookbooks

    I just cleaned out a cupboard with more cookbooks than I care to admit, and whenever I need a recipe, I usually just search it online. What are your tips for organizing the cookbook conundrum?
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    Forgotten Stories

    What parts of history do you have trouble finding resources for? What stories have you discovered that you think everyone should learn about?
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    Need Your Ideas - American History Project

    I'm working on a huge American history project, and I need your help. I want to hear from you about what parts of American history you can't find enough resources for. What are the forgotten stories, the hidden corners of history that you've discovered that you would love others to hear about...
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    Limited Time Freebies

    History in the Air Coloring Book: Introduce kids to 32 planes that made history with this fun coloring book. They’ll learn about early airplanes, aircraft used in World War I and II, modern airplanes that are setting records, and more. The History in the Air Coloring Book includes traceable...
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    Welcome to WriteBonnieRose!

    Welcome to WriteBonnieRose! This is the place to find fun, affordable (and often FREE) resources to support you on your homeschool journey. So how did a writer (who wasn’t homeschooled) with no children come to write for the homeschool market? I knew I loved kids and wanted to write for them...