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    Paying for college!!!

    HELP! I thought I had more time to plan and research this. My son was planning on going to community college this fall but now he has his heart set on a 4 year university. I need help finding money to help pay for this - scholarships, financial aid, grants, etc. I'm completely clueless here as...
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    Looking for history book recommendations

    Looking for some good reads on our founding fathers (U.S.) for upper elementary ages and up.
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    What's your new 'normal'? Check in!!

    How is everyone faring under the circumstances? How has this global pandemic effected your family, if at all? How are you holding up emotionally and spiritually? Is there anything you are struggling with? Prayer requests? Do you have any tips for managing during these times?
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    How to Homeschool Summit - FREE through 3/24

    Getting started on the homeschooling journey can be a stressful experience for anyone....and your veteran homeschooling mothers can tell you stories of their own experiences with learning how to homeschool. But, some experts in the homeschool blogging world want to help out during this difficult...
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    Fun and educational vocabulary video game

    Thanks! I'm always looking for ways to make vocabulary a little more fun. We pretty much just use workbooks for vocab.
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    Homeschool conference

    This is not a conference, but rather a forum where you can interact with all the members - ask homeschool questions, get/give advice, chit chat, etc.
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    Welcome to the homeschool world Alika!! You are going to do great! And so is your son! The life lessons and connections you will make with him will be well worth it. It sounds like you are already off to a great start, even if you don't/didn't have a plan; your positive attitude and outlook...
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    Hello from Amarillo!

    Not Amarillo, but a fellow Texan!! Welcome!
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    Kids Ages

    Wow, wow, wow is all I can say about all those twins! That is truly amazing!!
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    Kids Ages

    We have 8 kids and our biggest age gap is 3 years 8 months between babies 7 and 8. Our smallest age gap is 10 minutes. :unsure: So not counting the twins, our smallest age gap is 1 year 9 months which is between babies 3 and 4 and also babies 5/6 (twins) and 7. So on average, we had a baby...
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    Shopping for pans

    I need new pans. This one sound amazing. I've been considering Calphalon. I really need to get serious with my research.
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    All About Reading GIVEAWAY - ends 3/15/20 - $157 value

    Enter to win an All About Reading set of the level of your choice, + an interactive kit, if needed. This is a $157 value! Giveaway runs through 3/15/20 Enter here -
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    A Year of Victorious Rest eBook - FREE through 3/23/20

    A Year of Victorious Rest will help you direct your focus on Jesus. This eBook will help you train yourself and create habits to always focus on Jesus no matter your situation because in Jesus is where we will truly find rest. Find it at the end of this post -...
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    Deschooling for Homeschooling Parents eCourse GIVEAWAY - ends 3/8/20 - $77 value

    Enter to win Deschooling for Homeschooling Parents eCourse!! Valued at $77! 3 people will win! This course walks any and all homeschooling parents through the deschooling process for themselves (and can be used to deschool children). Enter at the end of this post -...
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    What's your homeschooling style?

    We are totally eclectic too! Here are my results: