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    Questions about Notgrass History

    How would notgrass be for a 6 year old? Also we dont love in the US at this time so wondering how it would be for a 6 year old. Thank you
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    Hello from Italy

    We are here for my husbands job. We also help out a lot with our church plant here for Americans. It's been an amazing time so far.
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    Italy Homeschool

    Does anyone live in Italy that homeschools?
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    Let's connect!!

    That is so amazing! Would you ever thing of having it live online for those who live to far to make it?
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    Abeka vs Masterbooks

    I have a son who is doing k5 abeka this year. I just learned about Masterbooks math and would love to some insight on if you like one better then the other and why please.
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    Want to earn free access to Homeschool History? 🗿

    Is this site good for 5 year olds?
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    YAY Jesus!

    I grow up in the church and came to know Christ when I was young. It was not till I was about 29 when i came to fully trust in God. He is the most amazing Father and I love how He always wants a relationship with me/us. This past year I started a prayer journal and it's amazing to have and see...
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    Is 5 enough?

    We are a family of 7 with 5 children. Ages 16,14, 12, 5 and 2. We have 1 car that the kids say is to small lol, it a Chrysler Pacifica. Also we are a 1 car family living in Italy at the moment and should be back in the USA in about 3 years. The Italians are so shocked by the size family we are...
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    Hello from Italy

    Hello, I am new and super excited to learn more in this amazing world of homeschooling.
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    Win $100 in Homeschool Curriculum!!

    What a nice giveaway :)