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    What are you favorite homeschool supplies?

    Ahh yes tape is used by the tons, lol! I never thought I'd like my binder so much but I use it seriously everyday! I LOVE it <3
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    Where do I begin?

    You could try Acellus I've heard good things about it and my friend likes it quite a bit. It is done at your own pace so no need to have him work faster or slower than he is able.
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    What are you favorite homeschool supplies?

    What are your favorite homeschool supplies? Include things that are NOT books but stuff you use all the time or that you felt was a great investment. I love my electric Pencil sharpener A coil Binding machine has been the best purchase ever! I researched for a long time and made a document with...
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    Science curriculum help,,,,

    We are using the 101 science and I love it! So far not super math oriented and we all love watching the videos! You can buy them individually or in a set of three. It comes with 3 dvds and a cd with the course book and accredited schedule.
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    Laser vs ecotank help!

    You have some very valid points! Our laser basically died so we went ahead and bought a ecotank. so far I'm very pleased with it!
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    What is your go to meal?

    Spaghetti and salad!
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    Laser vs ecotank help!

    I need to make a decision and need some advice! Currently I have a laser color printer but it needs new drums and with my printing record I will replace them every 1.7-2 years, they cost about 3/4th what the printer itself did. i LOVE my printer for the most part, it prints images clearly and...
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    Hello from Louisiana!

    Hello! I have a 1st grader too!
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    Hi from SC!!

    I'm not in that area but Hello!
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    Hello from Montana

    Hello and welcome!
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    New to the homeschooling adventure...

    Welcome to homeschooling! Its a fun and most of all rewarding journey <3 My only tip is to not stress over the little things, education takes years.
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    Looking for history book recommendations

    This isn't about founding fathers but it is about early America. A couple other we have enjoyed are David McCullough's biographies, Anything by David Barton, and this series is EXCELLENT! The real George Washington there is one for Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.
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    Looking for feedback!

    I love this group and enjoy it very much ! But as I have been using this forum I get super overwhelmed with ALL the different lists of groups/threads, I also seem to miss a lot of new content because there is so much to sift through. I wonder if there's a way to simplify how many you see on the...
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    Share your favorite math curriculum!

    For 5th grade and up I really like Saxon! I love how each problem has where it was taught so my kids can go back if they can't remember how to do it. For the younger grades... I'm still struggling. I am using "the good and beautiful" math K right now and while I like it on the whole, it is a...