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    Pre-Order Elementary U.S. Geography and Save - Ends June 30, 2020

    Notgrass History is taking pre-orders for Our 50 States, their new elementary U.S. geography course. Take advantage of this offer before June 30 to save $10 and get free shipping. Our 50 States is a one-year American geography and...
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    Welcome to Homeschool Speak

    Hi, Rachel. Nice to see you here!
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    I need a mentor!

    Hi, DaLynn. I admire you for being honest about where you are and how you feel about where you are. I can't commit to being your long-term mentor right now. But I have a couple of ideas. First, I'd be glad to hop on a Skype or Zoom call to brainstorm with you about where you'd like your brand...
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    Looking for Little Hands to Heaven (and other related and Social Studies books and CDs)

    The Canada is for Kids music looks fun. I've only visited Canada a few times, but I like the independent spunkiness I detect!
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    Free Virtual Field Trips

    Great resource, Sarah!
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    Hi! What's something fun your family has done during the quarantine?
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    Greetings! I’m NEW here

    Hi, Dominique!
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    Apr 22: Virtual WWII Experience

    One Soldier's Story: A Tennessean in WWII Please join us for a live WWII history program on April 22 at 10:30 a.m. Central Time. (Or watch the replay any time!) Wesley Notgrass (1915-2007) joined the United States Army in 1941 and served for four years, one month, and seven days in the...
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    Apr 13: VIRTUAL Laura Ingalls Wilder Field Trip

    Thanks for your feedback. I am doing a WWII program tomorrow (Wed, Apr 21):
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    Apr 13: VIRTUAL Laura Ingalls Wilder Field Trip

    No worries! I'm so sorry for you. You can actually watch a replay using the same link. Hope you are on the mend!
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    Apr 13: VIRTUAL Laura Ingalls Wilder Field Trip

    Were you able to watch the presentation, Mandy? I'd love to know what you thought--good or bad!
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    Apr 13: VIRTUAL Laura Ingalls Wilder Field Trip

    Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867-1957) left a lasting impact on American literature with her Little House series of books. In this presentation, John Notgrass takes you on a virtual tour of the places Laura lived, shares stories that didn't make it into her books, and performs songs that the Ingalls...
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    A worrisome summit announcement

    I have spoken with one of the scheduled presenters at that event (he looks at homeschooling as an objective researcher, not as an opponent or a cheerleader). I agree that most of the presenters have a negative attitude toward homeschooling, and it is something we should be aware of. But if a few...
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    Questions about Notgrass History

    We make a few tweaks after elections, but we are not planning a major revision right now.
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    Free Laura Ingalls Wilder videos and field trip guide

    Laura Ingalls Wilder lived in many different little houses in many different places during her long, fascinating life. For over twenty years, our family has enjoyed exploring the places where the Ingalls and Wilder families lived. We have now made memories with four generations. Enjoy our video...