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    Dealing with bad kindergarten attitude

    Bless your heart, Momma. I can sense how frustrated and overwhelmed you are. We’ve all been there! My now 12 year old boy was just like that when he was in kindergarten and still is to an extent! It stinks that your state has the requirement of 180 days, because the truth is that some kids...
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    What is your go to meal?

    Usually tacos or fajitas- really anything Mexican! 😋
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    Help with Spanish options!!

    We just started Flip Flop Spanish. A seasoned homeschooler who has graduated several kids and still has several at home recommended it to me. She said she has tried every Spanish curriculum out there, and this is the only one they’ve loved. We’ve only done one lesson so far and it was very easy...
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    Win $100 in Homeschool Curriculum!!

    It’s such a relief to have a forum that’s safe and off of Facebook! Thank you!