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    Kindergarten handwriting

    He knows his letters but still does some in captial some lower case and not really always in the “lines” what would you recommend?
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    Let's connect!!

    That conference was amazing and can’t wait to see your next one!
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    Classical conversations

    I just attended an info meeting absolutely love the idea and theory behind it but that price tag 🏷 I would have a 5 and 4 year old that would be in foundations. I would love anyone’s experience positive or negative
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    Abeka vs Masterbooks

    I’ve never used abeka but I just got in the masterbooks math and got to say I love it. The fun little stories and my son is obsessed with it and is asking to do it each day and then doesn’t want to stop. So if abeka isn’t working try masterbooks I got level 1 for my kindergartener for $25 on...
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    Mama of 3

    We used both of those curriculums you can’t go wrong with them! I’m thinking about redoing the nature program when it warms up here. It’s been hard to get our this winter with the baby and my middle stays congested due to his cleft so I never like to add to it. We live for spring/summer and what...
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    Kindergarten math curriculum help

    so I got it yesterday my son loves it and I have to tel him when to take a break he’s already on day 9 after this morning. I looked and looks like the first 6 lessons will be mostly review then lesson 7starts new info. He loves the stories though very cute. Already talking about when he’s done...
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    Hello everyone !

    Hello everyone !
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    We've officially launched!!

    Thank you! This seems like it will be fun. I’m always looking to pick other homeschool mamas brains without all the distractions of Facebook
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    Starting kindergarten

    Anyone else using peaceful press monthly guides as your main? I’m going to add math lessons into a living education from masterbooks and Montessori Materials for teaching reading. I would just love people to talk to doing the same things.
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    Kindergarten math curriculum help

    I found math u see so boring and rightstart math I love the idea of but with two Littles it was just too time consuming. I actually JUST ordered math lessons for a living education so I’m hoping that will finally be what works for us.
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    Mama of 3

    Same here! My son makes me read them anyways so nothing else I will turn it into a morning basket thing
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    Kindergarten math

    Hi! I have a kindergarten and looking for guidance for a place to purchase a math curriculum that follows Montessori approach to math. I’ve found one for language arts/reading and we love it. So really wanting to get math covered too. Thanks!
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    Love to meet fellow mamas from Virginia

    I have two boys (5 and 3) and a little girl who’s 9 months old.