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    Looking for Little Hands to Heaven (and other related and Social Studies books and CDs)

    Did you know that has a curriculum that's almost EXACTLY like LHTH but it's free? Check out the 3's curriculum!! We've used it for all our kids and I love, love, love it!! I actually got hold of LHTH at one point and, I don't remember in what order, but at some point I...
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    I need a mentor!

    Wow, what a blessing! I've answered your PM - thanks so much!
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    I need a mentor!

    So, maybe I'm just lazy. I have no idea what my problem is - I have lots of ideas, but actually sitting and doing them never seems to get done. Partly, my problem lies in the fact that my chronic fatigue and other issues interrupt me so often that I honestly have NO NORMAL. I have no routine, no...
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    What's your new 'normal'? Check in!!

    Honestly? It hasn't affected us much, and that's mostly okay with me and I feel blessed and optimistic because both my husband and son are being able to continue to work (grocery store employees). I see the Lord's hand and where some of us who've been at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder...
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    What's your homeschooling style?

    I tried to do it but something happened at the end and my results didn't load. :( I'll try again later! I'm eclectic for sure, purposefully Christian. I hadn't heard of the RE method, and I've been homeschooling for 14 years! I assume that "worldschooler" is a lot like what I've been calling...
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    Best curriculum for dyslexic students

    The Science 101 series is going to be your BEST FRIEND if you like video based. It's GREAT. There's a video per chapter, and then use the guidebook. The guidebook has "assignments" that are VERY general, such as "read 3-5 juvenile books on this topic." It leaves so much open for lifeschooling...
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    Fun & Helpful Homeschool Styles Quiz

    Here are mine: Score for Waldorf Education: 6 Score for Traditional Education: -15 Score for Unit Studies Education: 12 Score for Montessori Education: 18 Score for Thomas Jefferson Education: 11 Score for Unschooling: 16 Score for Classical Education: 9 Score for Charlotte Mason Education: 11...
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    We did a get-together and presentation for friends and family. We had around 30 people there and fed them afterwards. We did the commencement song and walk, and then each of us got to say something. Hubby opened in prayer and shared some funny stuff. My mom and dad shared some things. (Bill's...
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    Welcome to Powerline Productions & Please Introduce Yourself

    Wow! I haven't heard of you, going to check you out now! Thanks for being here!
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    Field Trips for High School

    We have several state parks nearby and we've gone there for science classes. We have a Space-X nearby and have done that. History and Art museums. The BANK, y'all. The grocery store for some serious meal planning and grocery budget study. And honestly they will probably do a tour-type trip if...
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    Great Electives for High School

    The scouting alternative program we use is called Quest Club. You can see all the badges they offer on their site and there are examples you can view for each category. You could totally make some of those into a credit, or group them together to be a credit. Get creative with "sport, music...
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    Homeschooling Homesteaders!!

    I'd love to be. I wanted to be. I thought I was GOING to be... and then my health hit me. I'm on the one hand, glad we didn't move to deep east Texas and set ourselves up that way, because I'd never have the energy to do it after all. But, I'm jealous of you all and will be lurking. 🤫🤭
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    Hello there!

    Hello! 👋👋 Let's get this party started! 🥳🎉🎉🎉
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    Not taking SATs?

    Most likely, he won't need to take the SATs. That said, it MIGHT open him up for some scholarships if he scores very well. At the community college level, they'll have him take an entrance exam, probably the TSI. That determines what level of classes he's capable of taking; if they recommend he...
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    Best curriculum for dyslexic students

    We've used a lot of different things but have never really used all the same curriculum for all subjects. I think it really depends on how your student learns best. My 15yo dyslexic son is an auditory learner, so for us that means that he needs the auditory component but also his surroundings...