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    How do you clear out your bookshelves?

    ...if it can't be rapaired anymore or is missing more than three pages, out it goes! :-D My serious criteria is: if I think I will ever want to read it again, look up something in it, or if anyone in my family will want to read, loan, or recommend--it gets kept. (which sometimes means I...
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    Books for a 10-year-old??

    We liked the Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson. There are also some Adventures in Odyssey books that are called Passages that have a similar fantasy feel. The Hobbit and Narnia are always good choices. Some of my kids like Nadine Brandes' books (Out of Time series, Fawkes, Romanov). There...
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    dating a guy who works swing shifts

    When we first started homeschooling, my husband worked the night shift. We just shifted our schedules to match his. Since we didn't have to meet any other time-frames (except church), it made more sense for our family. We treated the time from 8-noon like an office worker would treat...
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    Is 5 enough?

    The national average is 1.8 children per family in the US, so with five, you almost have three times the size of an average American family. :-D
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    Not anymore...but my grandparents lived there while I was in highschool. And they moved there because I lived in Fate. 8-) I graduated from Royse City back when it was a 2A school. I hear it has changed a lot there over the last few decades. (lol) I live in central Oklahoma now.
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    Homeschooling Homesteaders!!

    I'm an on-again, off-again gardener, animal raiser. We are currently in the off-again phase...I lost to the predators a few years ago. Until we have saved enough money for excellent fences, we won't have animals to feed the wildlife. //sigh// We have raised chickens, ducks, turkeys, and...
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    Hi Y'all!

    I'm Michelle. I've been home-educating since 1995 (!!) after making every excuse I could think of to NOT do it. My first went to kindergarten and lost all of the "three Rs" that she had before she went. She began reversing letters and refused to read anymore because her teacher had told her it...