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    In need of support...

    Everyone! Thank you!! I know that I am NOT alone in this battle and that others have been there and are currently in it with me! It helps just to know that. Wonderful suggestions from all and you are all truly appreciated!!
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    In need of support...

    Good morning! I am homeschooling my 9 year old (only child, she is youngest child. The rest are adults and out of the house.) daughter. She has always been homeschooled. We go to church groups and another Christian Girls Group. I am not handling her mood swings well. She is at 'that age'... I...
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    Books for a 10-year-old??

    My daughter reads all the time and I had trouble figuring out what books she would be interested in. We went to the library and she sat in the middle of the books and read the backs of books. She made herself a list of what she thought she would like. I reviewed the list and she has been going...
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    How do you keep records?

    I make a list of daily activities, chores, and assignments in a notebook. My daughter checks them off as they are complete. The front of the notebook has a list of what materials were used. We list all field trips or learning experiences (example: we went to an animal auction to meet and talk to...
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    Homeschooling Homesteaders!!

    Hello. :)
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    Southern Mississippi

    Hello! We live in Southern Mississippi and would like to meet other families from around us. We are always up for game time, field trips, or just hanging out! We recently moved here and we are still getting used to things and finding new things about our new state!
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    Homeschooling Homesteaders!!

    We moved across the country last year to find our happy little dream farm! We are not off grid but we are working toward being self sufficient. We raise animals and have a huge garden. I love living this way!
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    Loving Life!

    Hello! We home school our 9 year old daughter in Mississippi. We recently moved here from way up North. We are loving our farm life!