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    Questions about Notgrass History

    I'm interested in the website, I believe, you are currently developing for kids to use as an interactive online history/geography course? I hope I'm not mistaken, I was very sure it was your creation! :giggle: Update: Yes! I found your Homeschool History online site! Thank you, I'm going to get...
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    All things excavation equipment please!

    Usborne books are a great resource and they are reasonably priced! :giggle:
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    Any Christian Herbalists in the group?

    Hello! Thank you! And yes, I just got her book in the mail this week!! Yay! I've already been diving right in, to reading her stories! Lol, I hear ya with winter, everyone at my husbands work has been under the weather, so we're drinking more tea and tonics. I love how Maria says, in the chapter...
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    WINNER of the $100 Homeschool Curriculum Giveaway!!!

    Thank you, ladies! :love: And thank you for making this Forum available for our Homeschool Community! I'm really blessed by it and now getting some new curriculum ! Thank you, SLA
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    Teaching your child to read

    Sarah Janisse Brown is the creator of The Thinking Tree journals for what she coined,"Funschooling", being Dyslexic herself and homeschooling a few of her 14 children who were also dyslexic, she has a very unique way of approaching the curriculum she created. The link below takes you directly to...
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    Hi! Im in my 5th year homeschooling

    Hello! I'm a homeschool mom of four and this is also our 5th year! Lol! But I'm a New Yorker, so definitely not a local! That's why this online community is so great, I don't really use Facebook anymore and we had some tough couple of years, but the Lord is so good, brings us through some of the...
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    Hello from Virginia, USA.

    Hello Dessa, I also am an artist, turned homeschool mom to my four. :) This journey we're all on has definitely had some twists and turns, but I hope you are enjoying many fulfilling moments, now that your son is home with you! And are you enjoying, seeing what your patience and love have...
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    Hi! Mom of 2 from Wisconsin

    Welcome to the homeschooling tribe! :) There is definitely a lot of information available and you are just starting this journey, so I hope you find plenty of answers here! Give yourself a lot of grace and enjoy each step with your little.
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    Welcome to the group! :) I am a homeschool mom of four (11, 10, 8, and 7). And I agree, this is/will be a great place for homeschooling families, I've already enjoyed some of the conversations!
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    Want to learn more about Christian unschooling?

    Hi Julie, I actually went and checked out your post on your blog about Christian unschooling, which is basically what we've done for three years now, since the Holy Spirit told me to relax (well... several times because I was so stressed about what we were 'suppose' to be learning), right before...
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    Mom of 4

    Hello and welcome all the way from South Africa! I have four, as well, but 2 daughters and 2 sons. I hope you enjoy this new spot for homeschool families! :)
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    Any Christian Herbalists in the group?

    Hello! I went and checked out Maria Treben's book, she has amazing testimonials of what God's herbs do for the body in healing, anything short of "miracles", were almost every response from the coventional doctor's who were amazed by their patient's "sudden" turnarounds in so many cancer...
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    Thank you for sharing about the Native American, my step brothers are part Indian, and until recently, my husbands side of the family thought they were part Indian. Somehow, when my sister-in-law did an test for her family history, it completely surprised their whole side of the...
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    Hi Shantel, I'm Angela, I homeschool my four, it's our 5th year and they are 11, 10, 8, and 7. I have loved living in Upstate New York for almost my whole life (a four seasons kind of girl), but it would be fun to travel out to places like the Four Corners! I was reading someone else's post the...
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    Any Christian Herbalists in the group?

    Hello! I really feel like the tortoise, "slow and steady...", in my learning these natural methods. The Holy Spirit has told me to keep it simple, the Lord knows once I learn something, I will research way too much and overwhelm myself with information. So now I spend more time asking the Holy...